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As part of our commitment to mentoring rural clinicians we are developing a Learning Portal for RuDASA members. The portal includes access to guidelines, videos, courses, and rural "champions" in 7 categories that are essential to being a good rural clinician, understanding the Department of Health, and to keep you mentally healthy. At the moment the portal is in the early stages of development.

Clinical Resources: Our rural experts select key topics for needed for you to provide Best Practice Rural Health Care. These include resources such as government and professional clinical guidelines, articles and journals that will guide your practice. We have Sections on: HIV, TB, Obstetrics, Paediatric, and Surgery; and will develop sections on Medicine, Infectious DIseases, and Mental Health. For information on courses go to our Continuing Education resources.

Survive and Thrive: Even those of us who are passionate about working rural can experience stress and burnout, if you do not look after yourself you run the risk of mental health problems such as anxiety, panic attacks and depression. RuDASA is committed to finding or developing tools and support structures for Rural Clinicians so that they can not only survive, but thrive in rural areas.

Labour relations: Labour Relations covers information on overtime, remunerative work outside the public sector (RWOPS), disciplinary and grievance procedures, and where to go for help if you have a labour relations problem.

Sorting out systems: Rural Health Services deserve to be as good as urban service delivery, with the same ratio of health workers, resources, and care pathways. RuDASA advocates for good quality rural health services at Local, Provincial and National Fora. There are a number of resources on NDoH Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs), National Core Standards (NCS), and Tools for Quality Improvement (QI). We recognise that you may be working in less than optimal situations and have identified organisations that can advocate for you when we cannot help you.  Remember you can VOICE concerns on the Forum or contact the RuDASA Executive directly.

Telemedicine: When you need help in a hurry here are some quick links to specialist in clinical care

Community Engagement: Community engagement is about understanding and working with your local community to improve health services or reducing the barriers to health in that area. This may be through a Clinic or Hospital Committee, the Ward Councillors and Traditional Leaders, Traditional Healers and others active nearby; as well as national organisations representing Patients Rights.

Continuing Education Courses: These courses are recommended by our Rural Champions as Good Practice for working in rural hospitals. They range from short courses to full academic Diploma's or post graduate Degrees. Courses may be online or provincial or local events.