Cutting Edge TB management 


NDoH Guidelines for TB management since 2009 are in the RuDASA Resource Library



WHO has a number of TB treatment Guidelines, TB Programme Planning and the Global Tuberculosis Reports.

The Centre for Tuberculosis (CTB) was established in 2012. In line with the mandate of the NICD, the CTB conducts laboratory-based public health surveillance of TB in South Africa. It continues to serve as a National TB reference laboratory (NTBRL) and was endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a supranational reference laboratory in 2016. The CTB assisted in developing the WHO TB Policies & Guidelines.Electronic notification of TB cases can be done via the NMC APP.

Dr Madeleine Muller is a family physician working in Eastern Cape who posts TB resources for doctors on the Yandisa Facebook page and training videos on YouTube.

SANTA was formed in 1947 to give care to TB sufferers and their families. This includes: health education programmes, managed TB prevention schemes, training health educators and TB prevention programmes in schools. Now  SANTA continues its fight against TB but with a new emphasis on training volunteers in DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment Short-course).

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