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RuDASA is a growing network of rural health care professionals, and we invite applications for membership. Due to the fact that RuDASA is a special interest group of the South African Medical Association, we are geared primarily towards doctors working in or interested in rural medicine, whether generalists or specialists, in private or in public. However, membership is also open to all medical or other health practitioners (including allied health professionals and students, at a discounted rate) involved in the practice, training or support of rural medicine.

Membership needs to be renewed on an annual basis and this can be done through the form alongside. RuDASA provides members with a number of extensive benefits:

  • Attend the Rural Health Conference: RuDASA members receive a discount to the annual conference registration fee. In the past the discount received has been higher than the annual membership fee.
  • Enjoy networking opportunities and support: RuDASA is a network of health care workers with a passion for rural health. While RuDASA does not function as a union, it does provide access to a collegial network, which can give advice, support and make referrals to other partner organization of RuDASA.
  • Keep up-to-date with RuDASA activities and rural health policy developments: RuDASA runs a members-only mailing list, the RuDASA Forum, on which answers to medical queries can be sought. Discussions around rural policy and implementation also take place and the forum provides a platform for advocacy issues and for drawing attention to developments in your local area of practice. Government communication, such as new guidelines and policies are also posted on the mailing list. RuDASA also issues periodical newsletters. Any inputs are warmly welcomed.
  • Have your say in policy developments and implementation: Through the RuDASA Forum, and by building contacts through your RuDASA membership, you will have ample opportunities for your policy views and recommendations to be heard.
  • Join your provincial structure: Different provinces are in the process of setting up provincial RuDASA structures. The role of the provincial structure is to facilitate communication between health care workers at grass roots level, and the national RUDASA committee. You will be able to channel issues to the national committee through your provincial rep. Your committee may also act on local and provincial challenges under the leadership of the provincial rep who will liaise closely with the national committee. By being a RuDASA member you can connect others working in rural health, and advocate for change.

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