Who we are

RuDASA began in 1996 with a group of vocal, dedicated and passionate rural doctors, initially based in KwaZulu-Natal. We have since gained members from across the country, resulting in a dynamic, membership-based organization which strives for better health care in rural areas.

We believe that all rural people in Southern Africa should have access to quality health care.

However, although rural health care is greatly rewarding, many health care professionals in South Africa find it challenging in a number of ways. RuDASA is here to help.We are a network of professionals: many are from rural facilities and university-linked rural health centres across South Africa, working on the ground with an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by rural doctors. Thus, RuDASA combines skills and experience in order to support our members, give them a voice, connect them to each other, and promote knowledge transfer. RuDASA also has a number of partner organisations with specific expertise in rural health, as well as staffing, advocacy and legal issues; all of which provide additional support and empowerment for members and the organisation as a whole. This allows RuDASA to work towards our mission, which is to strive for the adequate staffing of rural health services by appropriately skilled medical staff; and to be a voice for the rural doctor regarding training and working conditions.

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