Doctor's Dialogue

RuDASA uses a number of ways of communicating with its members. The Forum is an email-based discussion group for mostly rural doctors, where a range of issues (from policy to clinical queries) are posted and discussed. RuDASA also has a lively facebook page. We also encourage you to try other forum and discussion groups such as those of HST and WONCA

RuDASA Forum

This is a forum for RuDASA members to consult and discuss. It is a tool to promote the flow of clinical information between medical practitioners to improve patient care. The forum is an electronic discussion group or conference which will allow queries to reach the widest net, and for relevant information to be disseminated rapidly and cheaply. It has been developed due to a need to reduce the isolation of rural doctors and to help facilitate their access to specialist knowledge, information and limited resources in order to improve the quality of rural healthcare. Sign up for membership!

RuDASA Facebook and Twitter

Find out more about what  our members are doing and other interesting items

Rural Seeds

WONCA started the Rural Seeds Forum & Rural Seeds Cafe aimed at bringing students, young professionals & rural veterans together to share experiences and develop solutions. We have a Rural Seeds Cafe at the annual Rural Health Conference

Health Systems Trust (HST)

has 3 email discussion groups you may like to join:



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