Izwi lomphakathi wasemakhaya - The Rural Voice

The Rural Health Conference aims to be a space where the voice around rural health can be raised and amplified. Rural health – and rural people more generally – are underrepresented in the discourses and policy debates around how to achieve the goal of a long and healthy life for all. The Rural Health Conference will provide a vibrant space for a  wide range of health care professionals, students, activists and community health workers to stimulate debate, explore innovative solutions and raise our voices!

Sub themes

Ukulalela izwi lethu - Hearing our voice : 

We are looking for presentations from or about the community we serve so that we can contextualise their needs and develop service delivery and research practice for the future. This may include the work of students, community workers, traditional and faith based healers, as well as the broader community. Our Voice includes a reflection on what we have been saying, why it is important and whether anyone has been listening to what we say; as well as voicing concerns we have about ethical rural practice.

Ukusebenza ngezwi lethu - Acting on our voice:
There are many voices that guide the development of rural health services including government policy, rural advocates such as WONCA and RHAP, and WHO; but how is policy being translated into service delivery at the local level? We are looking for best practice ideas for building young professionals so they can survive & thrive, building dialogue with local communities and their healers, and solutions for good practice despite poor resources, and best practice for influencing service development and good practice.

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