Learning Portal

The Learning Portal aims to be a quick way to find out about courses that suit rural doctors needs, best practice information , and mentorship by Rural Champions. This is a new development so we welcome any suggestions. 

Best Practice Guidelines online

RuDASA's Cutting Edge Rural Medicine

Essential Steps in the Management of Obstetric Emergencies

For more Clinical Guidelines go to our Library or Department of Family Medicine, University of Pretoria

Short Courses & eLearning

Foundation for Professional Development e-learning has a range of courses

Emergency Care

Short Courses in Emergency Medicine at UCT & SU or in Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, NW

Advanced Life Support Training Centres Directory

Diploma with CMSA

Diploma or Masters at SU & UCT, WITS

Maternal & Child Health

E Learning on Neonates and New Borns

Cancer & Palliative Care

Short courses: 

Diploma or masters : UCT SU 

Family Medicine:

Diplomas or masters in Family Medicine SU, UCT, UFS, UP, WITS, UKZN,  SMU

TB/HIV Management  

Short courses: SAHIVSoc

Diploma in HIV Management  through CMSA, SU  UCT, UP

Public Health:

Short courses in Public Health at the Winter or Summer School UWCSU

Short courses and Masters in Public Health at WITS, UP, UNISA, UWC, UL, UFH

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Electives and scholarships

Get some experience at the coalface or find out about possible scholarship.